What I Saw At The Revolution: Forward KC 2018

forward kc

Progressive and Evidenced-Based Chiropractors are mad as hell, and they aren’t going to take it anymore.

Those geeky, critical thinking, and no-BS docs who are known to search Google scholar for the latest research while drinking their morning coffee. The ones who feel the Green Books should grow green with mold from disuse; The type that believe in patient-centered care over “principle”-centered care; The ones who prefer research over “Innate” for clinical guidance; The ones that use whatever modalities work to help a patient, in addition to the adjustment; The growing quiet majority of practitioners in the profession that want to practice in an eclectic progressive 21st century model, and are not nostalgic to return to an outdated 1950’s one.

So, what does this particular band of brothers and sisters do when they want to take the next step from communing on a Facebook group and actually get together? They throw a party wrapped up as a seminar weekend.

On June 1-3, 2018 hundreds of doctors and Chiropractic students from around the country gathered in Kansas City at the Cleveland Chiropractic College to participate in the first Forward-Thinking Chiropractic Alliance convention. A proverbial Woodstock for the modern Chiropractic Physician generation. Students from over a dozen Chiropractic colleges attended.

Dr. Bobby Maybee is the FTCA founder and kingpin, and played the role of Spartacus in organizing a revolution of sorts. The FTCA was formed as both a counterculture response to the profession’s ” TOR” factions and to be a haven for DC’s who practice in a non-subluxation-based manner.

Initially starting out as a Facebook group for Chiropractors who felt frustrated by the more vociferous “philosophical ” elements of the profession, the FTCA was inundated by a groundswell of interest from thousands of doctors around the world. He followed by forming the FTCA as a nonprofit membership organization. Due to the demands of its members to meet live, he created its first annual conference, Forward KC.
It was real, raw, and relevant. And a lot of fun.

The presentations were done in a variety of formats: TED- style talks, informal panels for the students and doctors, and formal CE presentations. Of course, the conversations in the hallways and restaurants were among the most valuable of the weekend.

This was an all-star lineup of speaker excellence in various aspects of Chiropractic practice and business. Included were:

Curt Kippenger DC on patient communication skills.
Rob Pape on being a pain-free movement facilitator.

Jason Hulme DC and Josh Satterlee DC have cracked the code on the rehab practice and gym-hybrid model.
Brandie Nemchenko DC shared her story of going from near ruin to a multiple clinics, and breathed passion for evidence-based Pediatrics and pregnancy care.
Jeff Langmaid DC, Brandon Steele DC both spoke about using evidence to improve our practices and communicate more powerfully with our patients and other professionals.
Howard Fidler DC shared his eilte sports and extremity adjusting techniques.
Benjamin Fergus DC introduced systemic assessment of a patient’s motor control.
David Wedemeyer DC demonstrated that he is the Yoda of foot orthotics and lower extremity biomechanics.
Cliff Tao DC made radiology entertaining and gave great tidbits.
Leonard Faye DC continued his paradigm shift for a rational scope of practice and the history of how we got here. At 80 years young he still practices full time and lectures around the world.
Greg Rose DC, co-developer of SFMA, FMS, Titlist Performance, and more spoke on movement assessment.
Todd Riddle DC of FAKTR demonstrated how to refinie and improve treatments for the shoulders.
Gregg Friedmann DC showed how to document with authority and roused the audience to, “RISE UP!”.
Michael Massey DC demystified Medicare.
Kevin Christie DC and Blake Kalkstien DC are mavens of modern media marketing. I learned I know next to nothing about it.

What was also glaringly present was what was absent:
No outlandish claims.
No money hums or dropping keys.
No “save the world” or subluxation “silent killer” spiels.
No gurus or divas..
No hawking services or products from the stage.
No anti-medical diatribes.
While there was a good deal of bashing on practices and marketing that was deemed unprofessional, disingenuous, and distasteful, there was a lack of haters and misanthropes. The espirit de corps was high.

For many of the attendees, including myself, coming to Kansas City and meeting was like a first date after viewing someone’s online dating profile and emailing for months. It worked. Thank you to Bobby Maybee for making this happen. I will be looking forward to the next time the FTCA gets together. This was an event that couldn’t just be captured in print or video, you just had to be there.

Rise up. Move forward.

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