I have been to many of Dr. David Graber’s technique seminars. I have been in practice for 36 years, and I always learn something new about an extremity adjustment that I can utilize the next day in my practice. His knowledge of the subject is second to none. I would highly recommend his seminars.

~ Ivan Nadler, D.C


Every once in a while someone extraordinary shows up in this profession. Dr. Graber is brilliant. He shares his experience and resources with everyone, and gives us the opportunity to put what we learned to work. He is one of the biggest contributors to the overall betterment of the ANJC and our profession. We are so lucky. Great seminar.

~ Marlene Massaro, DC


Another incredible hands on TMJ seminar by the patient, professional, passionate Dr Graber yesterday. If any DC’s are looking to enhance or improve the adjusting techniques, I highly recommend attending any of Dr Dave’s seminars.

~Cheryl Alteiri, DC


I have known Dr. Graber for many years having served on the ANJC board with him. I have attended several of his technique seminars. He is “A MASTER” when it comes to adjusting (apparently he can adjust things that I never knew you could) and he ALWAYS impresses me with his knowledge of the human body which is endless. I could go on and on but I think you get the point.

~ Blaise K. Glodowski, DC


The highest compliment I can give is, after both your ankle seminar and placebo webinar, I could feel my IQ going up. Thank you for all your fine work.

~Steven Lavitan, DC, LAc

Dr. Graber presents the information in an educated, clear and concise manner. He goes out of his way to make sure that everyone in the room has a good grasp on the content and technique.

~ Helen Zaroff, DC

Dr. Graber is always enthusiatic and informative, he always presents material in an easy to grasp way. It is very important, especially for practitioners to get information that is practical, easy to apply and supports Chiropractic. Dr. Grabers love of Chiropractic is what makes him a perfect instructor.
~ Attendee at the TMJ Adjusting seminar, NJ.


Your expertise is an inspiration to all Chiropractors as well as patients!

~Will Brightman, DC

Dave is on the cutting edge of the science of Chiropractic and exhibits excellent communication, diagnostic and therapeutic skills. This is evident by the solid attendance in the post-graduate Chiropractic seminars he teaches. He is well respected by his peers here in New Jersey and demonstrates the upmost level of integrity in his personal and professional relationships. A good man and a great doctor.

~ Dr. Donald DeFabio


Dr. Graber is one of the most knowledgeable chiropractors in the field of extremity adjusting in the state of New Jersey. His seminars on the subject have greatly improved the quality of chiropractic care delivered in our offices.

~James Campbell, DC


Dr. David Graber is a respected chiropractic physician, post-graduate educator and academician. It is my privilege to be his colleague. It is my honor to be his friend.

~ James Demetrious, DC, FACO




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