Chiropractic Adjustments For Shoulder Conditions

The following are some key references for the effectiveness of manipulation and manual therapy on shoulder conditions. This is in preparation for my upcoming seminars at Parker Seminars, Dallas, TX. on October 5th for: Shoulder Adjustments That Work -Adjusting the Shoulder Complex. There’s a great lineup of presentations the entire weekend! Hope to see you there!

Parker Seminars:


World Federation of Chiropractic suggested reading list for extremities (start here!):


CADTH Rapid Report – Manual Therapy for the Treatment of Shoulder Pain: Clinical Effectiveness:


Natural History of Frozen Shoulder: Fact or Fiction

Click to access Natural-history-of-frozen-shoulder-fact-or-fiction-A-systematic-review.pdf


Is thoracic manipulation effective in managing shoulder dysfunction – A systematic review:

A systematic review of thrust manipulation for non-surgical shoulder conditions:


Effect of thoracic and rib manipulation on pain and restricted shoulder mobility in subjects with frozen shoulder: A randomised clinical trial:;year=2014;volume=7;issue=2;spage=92;epage=99;aulast=Chitroda;type=2

Some factors predict successful short-term outcomes in individuals with shoulder pain receiving cervicothoracic manipulation: a single-arm trial.


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