The Chiropractic Forward Podcast Interview: Chiropractic Technique, Chiropractic Gurus, Teaching

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The good Dr. Jeff Williams, founder and host of the podcast, Chiropractic Forward, recently asked me to come on as a guest. We rambled on and it ended up as a 2-part episode. I must admit that I’m just getting used to this type of interview format. Here are the links:

w/ Dr. David Graber (Part Two) – Chiropractic Technique, Chiropractic Gurus, Teaching

w/ Dr. David Graber (Part One) – Chiropractic Technique, Chiropractic Gurus, Teaching

Dr. Williams produces the Chiropractic Forward podcast and the Chiropractic Forward Facebook group for chiropractors that follow research and are interested in  practicing in an evidence-based manner or learn more about research supporting the chiropractic profession. He has some really good interviews with Chiropractic’s bright minds, and movers & shakers. You can find him here:


We covered the following:

Part 1:

  • Tell me about your journey into chiropractic
  • Tell me about your journey into evidence-based chiropractic
  • When did you start getting into speaking and giving presentations? How did that come about?
  • I noticed a powerpoint where you taught cervical adjusting. After going through the powerpoint, how many ways are there to adjust a neck?  Minus the techniques Rambo and Chuck Norris use of course : )
  • You say you know how to suck at a technique. I don’t know anyone that wants to suck but, in order to avoiding sucking, you must explain.
  • You mention the people that are publishing research and teaching courses on Chiropractic technique and how to approach them as if they were a financial planner. Can you explain that a little further for us?

Part 2:

  • I can’t think of anyone better than you to ask this question of. I see so many polar opinions concerning this: with the rising popularity of the YouTube folks like Cipriano and Gregory Johnson, AKA – Ring Dinger – what is you opinion of the Y-axis adjustment? Is it as dangerous as some think?
  • You were a speaker at Parker Vegas this year so some of our listeners may be already very aware of you. Tell me a little about your presentation and the whole experience. I saw a lot of very positive vibes on Facebook coming from evidence-based chiropractors.
  • You have been teaching chiropractors for some time now. One of the power points I have is called Contextual healing in Chiropractic: The Roles of Placebo, Nocebo, and Intention. I’m not too proud to admit that there is information here that I’m not 100% up on. It looks fascinating. Can you give us a summary of what is in the course. The big ideas essentially.
  • You are very visible in the evidence-based Facebook groups like the Chiropractic Practice Research group and the Forward Thinking Chiropractic Alliance and others that are very similar in regard to being based on science and evidence-based practice. You are particularly prolific in posting research papers of all kinds. First, where do you typically get your research? Secondly, what avenue of research seems to be your area of the most interest?
  • You say that Evidence-based Chiropractic doesn’t exist in actual practice. OK, what you talkin’ ‘bout, Willis?
  • I have to give you some serious props. Going through your power point from Parker Vegas….let’s just say that I just finished 300 hours of education to sit for the DACO testing to get the Diplomate for Orthopedics. So much of what we learned in that course, you are already on top of. It’s already in this power point. Things like downregulation of central facilitation, vestibular effects, neuroplasticity, mechanoreceptor stimulation, release of entrapped synovial folds of the facet joints – I know where I learned all of this stuff. Assuming you haven’t gone through the DACO yet, where did you pick it up? Was it the Sports Diplomate?
  • When you discuss some of the unsupported and ‘Unfavorable’ testing like manual muscle testing, paraspinal skin temperature readings, surface EMG, or x-rays to localize a site of care… much push back do you typically encounter and how do you go about handling that? We both know there are people that will argue these things until their last breath.
  • Tell me… does one practice non-subluxation based Chiropractic that’s not considered the same thing as a PT?
  • I wrote an article for my blog at one time called “Back Alignment: Useful Terminology Or Outdated Idea?” I noticed one of your slides that made me want to jump and cheer because we are definitely on the same page. It said “Adjustments Improve Motion, Not Alignment.” I’d love for chiropractors to hear more on* that. Can I get you to elaborate briefly on that for us?
  • When it comes to what we do as chiropractors, in general, it can be a concept, a therapy we’re not utilizing….whatever you think…..but, what is the biggest thing we are missing as a profession? From our email exchanges, it may have to do with just getting better at what we do?
  • I’ve heard chiropractic in New York is not so good but do not know specifics on that. Being right next door to New York, can you tell me about chiropractic in New Jersey? What are your State Association’s battles?
  • After going through your Parker Vegas power point, you have a fan in me. Where will you be in the future? How do we keep up with you and hopefully catch you at a seminar and hear all of this awesome information?


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