2021 was a great year for books for the practicing chiropractor. While video and online learning have exploded in the past few years, there are several recent texts that are valuable for both clinical and practice management. Here are my picks for 5 of the best ones based on the criteria of C.U.T.:

Content – the material is high quality and well presented.

Utility – it is practical and usable for a chiropractor in actual practice.

Timing – the topics covered are relevant for those in practice in today’s environment.

Chiropractic Odyssey – A Journey of Practice, Observation and Reading Research by Dr. Leonard Faye.

Dr. Leonard Faye is an icon and trailblazer of the modern paradigm of chiropractic practice. In his 50-year career he founded the Motion Palpation Institute, was the clinical and technique instructor at several Chiropractic Colleges worldwide, wrote a textbook, is an international lecturer and teacher, and currently produces technique training seminars and videos. This book is a combination memoir of his professional experiences, a history of the development of the science and theories of clinical chiropractic practice as an insider who was involved with it, and a review of the modern principles and science underpinning a 21st century model of practice. The pages are packed with rich insights and clinical gems. It also relays Dr. Faye’s passion for his chosen profession.

The book is available in Kindle format on Amazon, or hardback copy through

Dr. Faye kindle

Dr Faye book

The Remarkable Truth About Chiropractic: A Unique Journey Into The Research by Dr. Jeff Williams

Most chiropractors are too busy to keep up with the research that supports their practices. Fortunately, Dr. Jeff Williams’ new book makes that easy to do. Dr. Williams is the host of the Chiropractic Forward podcast, where he goes over the latest research findings and gives his commentary in a very entertaining manner. This book is the go-to for a one-stop compendium of the current research on a wide array of topics related to chiropractic practice – headaches, back and neck pain, disc conditions, whiplash, curve correction, pregnancy, cost-effectiveness, etc. He provides a concise summary of each study and addresses issues related to each head-on. This tome will save you hours of reading to get caught up and understand how to apply the latest evidence.

The book is available on Amazon:

Dr. Williams book

Contain and Eliminate: The American Medical Association’s Conspiracy To Destroy Chiropractic by Howard Wolinsky

While there is no shortage of conspiracy theories these days, for decades the chiropractic profession was on the receiving end of one of the largest. The efforts of the AMA to destroy an entire branch of healthcare almost eliminated the profession, and the fight for patient’s rights to choose what is best for their health. Howard Wolinsky is a medical journalist who covered the events as they unfolded. He documents them, along with more recent discoveries in this work. The book reads like a John Grisham novel: Dr. Chester Wilk, the principled plaintiff; George McAndrews, the crusading underdog attorney; a David-vs.-Goliath legal battle; the intra-professional conflict within the Chiropractic profession on whether to challenge the AMA; The Church of Scientology, an unexpected ally for the chiropractors; “Sore Throat” the informant whose identity is finally revealed. Although it has been over 40 years since the decision in the landmark ‘Wilk” trial, the effects the antitrust suit still reverberate today. To know where we are as a profession, we need to know where we have been.

The book is available in print or digital form at through NCMIC:

Contain and Eliminate

A signed copy is available through Mr. Wolinsky at:

Doing It Right: Modern Chiropractic Marketing by Dr. Kevin Christie

No matter how good a clinician you are, it means nothing if you don’t have patients to apply your diligent care, skills, and talents. Dr. Kevin Christie is the host of the Modern Chiropractic Marketing podcast, and in this book, he presents a strategy-based roadmap to marketing a 21st century chiropractic practice. Reading this is like hiring a marketing consultant for the price of lunch. He lays out a fully integrated system including targeting your audiences, the patient lifecycle, planning, budgeting, content creation, utilizing videos, social media, blogs, email, SEO, direct mail, snail mail, in-office referral programs, and more. No free spinal exams or chicken dinners here, just professional, effective, and ethical methods. As someone who is somewhat marketing- challenged, this book has been a boon for my practice.

The book is available through Parker University or on Amazon:

Dr. Christie book

Evidence-Based Evaluation & Management of Common Spinal Conditions: A Guide for The Manual Practitioner by Dr. Joshua Browning

I received this book a few weeks ago, and it has not made it to my bookshelf. Instead, I keep it on my desk and refer to it daily. It is a quick-reference clinical guidebook to over 2 dozen of the most common spinal conditions chiropractors see on a regular basis. In short, easy to read and visually engaging chapters, it covers the main history and exam findings of each condition, the best tests, clinical pearls, and evidence-based treatments. Highly referenced and very well done.

The book is available through (use code BOOK10 at checkout to receive $10 off a copy):

Dr Browning book

Stay calm and read on! May this year be filled with health and prosperity for you!

About the Author:

Dr. David Graber is nationally known presenter on chiropractic technique and is a member of the ANJC board of directors. He maintains a private practice in Parsippany, NJ

Note: The authors of this article and administrators of this website receive no compensation, monetary or otherwise, for their recommendations or links.

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