23 For 2023

Once again, our annual review of the research literature to find some of the most relevant for the practicing chiropractor. Below are 23 for 2023 of some the best. Use them to educate yourself and your patients to provide better care for the new year!


  1. Patients with low back pain who see a chiropractor as their first provider of care have lower total costs of care, fewer MRI’s ordered, fewer hospitalizations, and less opioid prescriptions written. [1]

2. Low back pain patients treated with multidisciplinary integrative care (consisting of spinal manipulation, exercise, acupuncture, cognitive behavioral therapy, self-care strategies, and others) were no better than those treated with chiropractic care alone. [2]

3.  Patients with primary headache disorders are likely to have chronic low back pain [3]

4. Among older Medicare beneficiaries with spinal pain, use of chiropractic care is associated with significantly lower risk of filling an opioid prescription.[4]

5. SMT provides similar outcomes to recommended interventions (mainly exercise) for pain and functional status in the older adult with chronic LBP and is recommended as a treatment for this patient population.[5]

6. Patients with newly diagnosed lumbar disc herniation or lumbosacral radiculopathy who receive Chiropractic SMT have significantly reduced odds of discectomy over 2-year follow-up. [6]


7. During cervical spine manipulations (using cervical spine extension and rotation) using human cadavers, the vertebral artery was not stretched, merely elongated during the manipulation.  [7]

8. Among Medicare beneficiaries aged 65 and older who received cervical spinal manipulation, the risk of cervical artery dissection is no greater than that among control groups.[8]


9. The lumbar flexion-distraction procedure was found to decrease intradiscal pressure, and to improve subjective and objective outcomes in patients with lumbar spinal stenosis [9] [10]

10. The presence or absence of an audible pop may not be important regarding pain outcomes with spinal manipulation. [11]

11. Subjects with neck pain had hypermobility of the lower cervical spine and hypomobility of the cervico-thoracic junction and upper thoracic spine compared with subjects without neck pain. [12]

12. Manipulation and mobilization to the upper cervical spine segments both help patients with cervicogenic headache. [13]

13. Chiropractic manipulation can effectively relieve pain, improve lumbar function, and improve the Cobb angle in patients with degenerative scoliosis. [14]

14. Patients with back pain want most of all an explanation of what is causing the problem, improvement in their pain, and improvement in their ability to perform daily tasks. They did not place as much importance on diagnostic tests, medications and surgery as their doctors assumed.  [15]

15. In patients with chronic back or neck pain, chiropractic visit frequency over a 3-month period found that those with worse baseline pain and function used more visits, but only visits more than once per week were associated with significantly better improvement. [16]

16. Manual therapy and exercise provides superior and clinically important short-term improvement in symptoms and function for patients with lumbar spinal stenosis, compared with medical care or community-based group exercise. [17]

17. Exercise is as effective as surgery for large to massive rotator cuff tears.[18]

18. Private practice physicians who made recommendations for chiropractic care indicated that they were influenced by scientific evidence in peer-reviewed journals and patient requests. A lack of perceived benefit was the most frequently reported reason for not recommending. [19]

19. The correction of the cervical lordosis, in hypolordotic spines of patients suffering from cervical spondylotic radiculopathy, had improved pain and neurophysiology. [20]

20. For most conditions with sufficient available data on pain, function and quality of life, there were no clinically relevant differences between interventions with and without surgery for musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions.[21]


21. The MRI findings in the lumbar spines of asymptomatic elite male adolescent soccer player found most had abnormalities, such as facet degeneration, synovial cysts, disc degeneration, disc herniation, and pars injury. [22]

22. It is possible to calculate an “age estimate” of someone on lumbar MRI by assessing their age-related changes, such as disc signal intensity, disc height, facet joint size, ligamentum flavum thickness, Schmorl nodes, Modic changes, vertebral osteophytes, etc.[23]

23. Ordering an MRI within the first 4 to 6 weeks of conservative management of acute low back pain is associated with increased length of disability in patients with acute LBP without red flags. [24]

About the Author:

Dr. David Graber is nationally known presenter on chiropractic technique and is a member of the ANJC board of directors. He maintains a private practice in Parsippany, NJ. He blogs on chiropractic and clinical topics at: drgraber.wordpress.com.  He can be reached at: DrDavidGraber@gmail.com.

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