Be Cautious In Applying Adjusting Techniques From Research Studies

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Just because a research article says that they used an intervention of manipulation, mobilization or even chiropractic adjustment, don’t assume you know what was actually done. Further, don’t assume you can perform it in practice.

A paper was published this month that found that out of 67 articles that met their inclusion criteria, NONE met the criteria checklist for proper description. None were found to describe the quality of the description of manipulation and mobilization interventions of the cervical spine to be sufficient for replication in clinical practice.

The takeaway: be cautious in assuming you are doing a procedure in practice the way a research study did it.

Reference: Pool J, Maissan F, de Waele N, Wittink H, Ostelo R. Completeness of the description of manipulation and mobilisation techniques in randomized controlled trials in neck pain; A review using the TiDieR checklist. Musculoskelet SciPract. 2020 Feb;45:102098.

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